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Welcome to Our Ethical Commitment

Professionalism . Collaboration. Humanity . Equity . Trust

At Intendeco, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional coaching ethics. Our ethical principles serve as the foundation for our coaching practice, ensuring a safe and empowering environment for our clients. Explore the core values that guide our work:


We are dedicated to upholding the coaching profession's standards, demonstrating accountability, respect, honesty, competence, and excellence in all our interactions.


We foster a sense of community and social interaction, encouraging collaboration among coaches, clients, and stakeholders for collective growth and development.


We approach coaching with a deep sense of humanity, kindness, compassion, and respect, recognizing and honoring the unique experiences and perspectives of each individual.


We commit to understanding and addressing the diverse needs of our clients, promoting equitable practices that ensure fairness and equality for all, regardless of background or circumstances.


We value the trust placed in us by our clients and maintain strict confidentiality, unless mutually agreed upon for purposes such as training, recording, or other specified agreements.

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